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Will there be an Android Verdion? :)


So, does this game have Pregnancy? and if so will there be more updates/content?


Also, does this game have code/cheats?


Level 3+ supporters on Patreon have access to special Titan Abilities which are like cheat codes. Check this out for more details: TITAN POWERS


Right now there is one girl you can get pregnant, but there will be many more in the future, and eventually all of the girls.


The game looks awesome, but it hasn't any sounds for me (already downloaded twice the lastest version, 0.882.2). My computer sounds works nicely and its pretty lame playing a game like this without hearing anything. Please help!!

Deleted 10 days ago

Music and sound effects have been added.


I tried downloading it, I haven't installet it yet but my virus scanner says it's okay


I tried to download but it got stopped because it said it could harm my device.It's only 8 mb so I am not sure why. While I want to trust you and try your game... my computer is too new to take a chance. If you can make an update that doesn't do that then I would love to try your game.


Most browsers say that for any unknown .exe you download. Run it through your virus scanner and if it's all clean you can run it.

Also, per the directions, this is not the game itself. This is the installer. The game is currently over 700 MB.

Yeah. It seems that it's just the fact that it's unknown.My anti-virus also stopped it while it was updating because of "suspicous activity" but after it scanned it said it was ok. I played a bit. It seems to freeze up quite often. I can't say that I am a fan of the grid-movement system. Also not a fan of losing story progress when getting knocked out but I imagine that it will happen less later on. The UI is kind of awkward and clumsy. Other than that I like the artwork and story and the customization of the girls. 

Hey, for some reason when I opened this game after downloading it my virus protection stopped it saying it had a trojan virus. You know anything about this?

This is a known false positive. Unfortunately every time I upload a new version most of the AV programs remove it from the whitelist and it has to be resent.

I'm not positive, but I think scans the uploads.

The zip file is uploaded by me personally, so I know the files haven't been tampered with. Obviously this requires one to have trust in me, but with a small but faithful group of supporters on Patreon, you can at least be assured that others can vouch for the safety of the game.

Just released a major update! Let me know what you think everyone!

in this game what we actually have to do ?

You can get more info HERE, where the active development is happening.

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Finally a game that shows some love for petite girls. Altough voluptuous women are a joy to behold, it's always nice to see some other body types being used in games as well (big bewbs are not always the answer).

It will be interesting to see where the development of this game will go. I would love to see a bit more world building in future installments. The chessboard type of map is also a nice idea, as is the time traveling mechanic (even if a bit basic in this version).

Thank you so much for the positive comment. Yes, as someone who is a bit flat chested myself, I tend to create characters who are similar in size, although one of my Level 4 Patreon supporters requested a woman with a larger bra size this month; she's still a smaller girl overall.

It's hard to make petite women without making them look underage, so it's nice to hear when people appreciate my efforts.


I look forward to future versions. Keep up the good work :)